Gilley's passion for music started at age 5 after touching the keys of a player piano. As the years went by and he found himself inexorably drawn to the craft of music and the science of sound.

In April 2009 he recorded his first demo in New Orleans at Fudge Recording Studios with producer Jack Miele and then quickly started performing around the southeastern United States under a solo acoustic act and with his group Shifting Tracks at various bars, restaurants, and venues focusing mainly around his hometown of Mobile, Al.

Notable performances include; Midtown Music Festival (2011), Bay Fest (2013), South Sounds Music Festival (2015), and WZEW's "Radio Avalon."

Several albums under Shifting Tracks were released during these years and the discography can be found here.

Numerous musicians have come and gone through his projects and eventually as times before he would find himself alone continuing on the path. Still writing and making music. 

2019 would bring great change as Bryant decided to break from being a bar/restaurant entertainer. A new approach was needed to grow. 

Gilley's current solo project will begin releasing music by summer 2021.  


Missed The Mark Records currently a private label. Although not currently seeking unsolicited materials, MTMR can still help you get your album or song brought to life. All the work is done in-house at the exclusive Oak Roots Studio in Mobile, AL. A full list of services can be found here.

The goal of MTMR will always be the creation of music that entertains & inspires.