Bryant's passion for music started at the age of 5 witnessing first hand the magic of an old time player piano. After touching the keys and seeing he could create music right from his hands, he fell in love.

As the years went by he found himself drawn to studying everything he could about music. He started his formal training in the 4th grade and continued his study well into the collegiate level.

In April 2009, a few years after he left college, he recorded his first demo in New Orleans at Fudge Recording Studios with Jack Miele. He then set out to create a group and start performing.

The next several years would see him not only performing solo acoustic under his own name but also with a group he was using as his "catch all" for his creative works; Shifting Tracks.

Many musicians would come and go and eventually Bryant would find himself being pushed on a path he believes destiny was always going to take him.