The first streaming show was a major success. If you missed the performance don't worry they'll be more. I'll be making announcements well ahead of the show so you can tune in.



Streaming this weekend

Alright! Had a delay in getting everything going for the streaming show but it's fixed and will be launching this weekend!

Really excited to start sharing this music I've been writing.



Streaming Shows News!

Working to start streaming here in the next week or two. Upgrading some equipment so I can provide a more quality experience. Half of the equip is already in and now I'm just waiting for the other.



Soon to be shows!

I'm getting super excited to finally start streaming. Been doing test runs to see exactly how I want this setup and what approach I want to take but I'm almost ready to make an announcement. Eventually…


Best wishes for the holidays!

2020 is coming to a close and I know it's been a difficult year for all of us. Here's to 2021 bringing some calmer waters and better days.

For me personally, I'm glad the days are coming ever forward on.…


Ain't no sunshine (Bill Withers Cover)


The time is here and my solo project's YouTube has been launched. From this channel I'll be posting all my band's musical creations as well hosting live streamed performances.

This video is a continuation of my cover song series…


Equipment upgrade!

New content coming soon!

Alright, so I've been taking care of some personal projects here at Oak Roots. It's been a long journey from when I first bought this building and started converting it into a living space/studio but I'm…


Update 2-6-19

Been working steadily on the next release in my cover song series. Gonna try to start adding some acoustic performances of a few of my originals. Ready to be in a position to start playing some shows. I'll be out…


SMU #2 10-28-19 

Social Media Update is here!

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