Ain't no sunshine (Bill Withers Cover)


The time is here and my solo project's YouTube has been launched. From this channel I'll be posting all my band's musical creations as well hosting live streamed performances.

This video is a continuation of my cover song series…


Equipment upgrade!

New content coming soon!

Alright, so I've been taking care of some personal projects here at Oak Roots. It's been a long journey from when I first bought this building and started converting it into a living space/studio but I'm…


Update 2-6-19

Been working steadily on the next release in my cover song series. Gonna try to start adding some acoustic performances of a few of my originals. Ready to be in a position to start playing some shows. I'll be out…


SMU #2 10-28-19 

Social Media Update is here!

Listen on Youtube or download the podcast!



Starting something new for my social media!



In just about a week or so, I'll finally be releasing a stand-alone single for my solo project. Instead of rushing myself like I've done so much before in the past, I took my time and used the recording and…



Health issues over the past 3 or 4 weeks have set back production but I'm now to the point where I can start recording again. Getting ready to track vocals just as soon as my voice is back near 100%.



Sorry for the lack of updates over the past several months. Been busy with a new group I'm working with called Texas Truck! My debut solo album is still being worked on and I'm expecting to release it later…



Getting really excited for this upcoming year! No travel dates to announce just yet but I'm working out the details to make regular stops at some open mics around the South Eastern United States. I'll be making some connections and…