Best wishes for the holidays!

2020 is coming to a close and I know it's been a difficult year for all of us. Here's to 2021 bringing some calmer waters and better days.

For me personally, I'm glad the days are coming ever forward on. The more distance I put between painful memories and where I'm standing at the moment, the greater clarity I gain. This was not an easy year but that's why I write music.

Speaking of which, I wrote several new songs this year that will be on my debut solo album. This year showed me that every time I thought I had said enough, there was still so much left. A single will be released in the coming months.


I will be working to be a better organized and engaged company here at Missed The Mark Records. There's so much I want to do in terms of composition, performances, and making stronger connections with you fans that keep all of this going.

With music, I want to provide a more two-way street were you are more engaged in establishing the vibes and topics of content I put out.


2021 will be bringing streamed performances as well. Show dates will be announced. When this pandemic finally ends I'll be searching for places to bring the music out on the road.


Till next time.

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