Psychedelic Resets. Antikythera Mech Recreated. Organic Matter on an Asteroid.  

This week we discuss some recent research into the field of Psychedelic therapy using DMT. Then we chat about the recreation of Earth's first analog computer the Antikythera Mechanism. Lastly, we talk about a recent discovery of organic matter crucial for life on an asteroid and all the interesting implications that could hold. 



S2E5 Sarah Everard. Ranked Choice Voting.  

This week we chat about Boris Johnson's peculiar response to the murder of Sarah Everard. Then later we discuss ranked-choice voting. 


S2E4: Cosmic Return. Chinese Yang Decline. Space Tourism.  

This week we start off discussing some research into whether the human soul exists and its return to the universe. After we'll chat about China's proposal to teach masculinity to its boys. Lastly, we talk about how a space hotel is slated in the near future. 


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S2E3: Climate Crisis 2030 Deadline