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  1. To the Ground

From the recording The Hero's Journey

Bryant Gilley-Guitar/Vocals/Production
Chad Cowart-Drums
Todd Housand-Bass


Locked inside the pages of a book
A story written of lives love took
Years are gone
Time marches on

Placed the book upon a shelf
Pictures left and nothing else
Walked out the door then turned once more

To reflect upon everything we built
Memories but a ghost fleeting to exist
Time etched ourselves, ingrained in the walls
I lived it all, now I watch it fall

I burn it to the ground

Silver ashes, dancing fire of gold
Seasons came, went, lives unfold
A fable gone so very wrong

Lighting paths hidden in the night
Reached the sky igniting clouds in flight
Seen cross earth
A love burned to the dirt

And the tide of wind flickers patterns into the flames
Saw my life slowly erased till I was but a name
Heat singed my skin but I didn’t budge till it was done
I want to live it all, I want to watch it fall

I burn it to the ground