Sorry for the lack of updates over the past several months. Been busy with a new group I'm working with called Texas Truck! My debut solo album is still being worked on and I'm expecting to release it later this year or beginning of next. Actually looking to have a stand alone single released not associated with the album itself to be put out sometime soon.

Plans for travel to open mics around the south east are still being made as things are finally settling down into a groove. Also in the plan is to get some proper shows ready at some choice venues to showcase what I've been working whether using a band or simply just myself.

As normal my mental health does seem to be a factor in terms of utilizing social media to inform people of my going's on. I'm choosing to do less posts but hopefully make them more quality. I'm not a person who glorifies my own ego nor carters to the narcissistic tendencies of our modern times. I create art for myself and for those who I can touch with what I create. I don't want to sell myself to you like I'm a product. I'm just an artist packaging the events of life into memorable bits in hopes to make you feel something and discover a connection between you and I.

Till the next update,


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